2024 MMSS Program Fees

The costs below reflect the anticipated cost for a single session. Students may elect to attend one, two or three two-week sessions of MMSS. A single course is elected for each session. Class will run Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm with break for lunch from 12-1:30pm.

MMSS 2024 Schedule:

Session 1: Sunday, June 23 – Friday, July 5 (noon)

Session 2: Sunday, July 7 – Friday, July 19 (noon)

Session 3: Sunday, July 21- Friday, August 2 (noon)


Required Costs:

*Application Fee $100 (NON-REFUNDABLE!) (As of April 10, 2024, the application fee will only be charged if the applicant is offered admission!)
Tuition $1,300
Residential Stay $1000 (includes lodging, linens, supervision, and meals)

*Application fee is only charged once, and is not applied towards tuition nor housing.

More information regarding financial assistance

Tuition fees for all students include:

  • Two-week educational program at the University of Michigan
  • Course supplies
  • Ph.D. faculty taught courses
  • Hands-on applications of education into real-life scenarios

Housing fees for residential students also include:

  • Two-week stay on U of M campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily (breakfast only on the last Friday)
  • Access to game rooms, lounges, laundry facilities, and outdoor facilities (tennis/basketball courts, track, etc.)
  • Athletic and recreational equipment
  • Community bathrooms designated by gender*

*Gender-inclusive bathrooms are also available on each floor of the dormitory.

Optional Services:

Students will be given the option to attend organized weekend events. Other optional fees associated with the program include a round-trip or one-way airport pickup/return service for students traveling to Michigan and an extra night stay in the dormitory. All purchases should be made through the online guest account or via mailed check. Once paid, fees for optional services cannot be refunded. For more information about these services, please review the student information packet, after admission.

Saturday Trip Cedar Point (all sessions) $85
Sunday Trip Detroit Museums Tour (Session 1)

Detroit Tigers Baseball Game (Sessions 2 & 3)

Round-Trip Airport Transportation $50
One-Way Airport Transportation $25
Extra Night in Dormitory* $100 (per night)
Commuter Lunch $115 (9 days)

*Extra night fees do not apply to the interim weekend(s) for students attending multiple sessions

Additional Spending Money (potential cost examples):

  • Optional weekday and weekend counselor-arranged local events (i.e. bowling, movies)
  • Souvenir shopping (Go Blue!)
  • Snacks or any additional food (other than program-offered meals)
  • Any possible forgotten toiletries

*Commuter students are encouraged to participate with their classmates in the optional organized weekend events. All purchases can be made through the online guest account or via mailed check.

Additional Fees:

Students needing an early check-in and/or late check-out MUST purchase the extra night on the student portal at least 3 weeks prior to their session start date. If the extra night is purchased later than that date and the student is in need of an early check-in, a late fee of $50 will be charged, in addition to the $100 extra-night fee.

Methods of Payment

Methods of payment to the Michigan Math and Science Scholars program can be made as follows:

  • Check (checks payable to: “The University of Michigan” and include name of student on check)
  • Money orders drawn on United States banks
  • Credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express all accepted)
    • Note: to pay by credit card you must do so via the online application.

Those without a credit card or access to a US bank:

  • Contact the MMSS office for specific wire transfer information if you are unable to access US-based bank or credit card.
  • Once the transfer has been sent, please notify the program via e-mail at mmss@umich.edu. In your e-mail, include the date and time of transaction, the sender’s full name, and the name of the student attending MMSS. This is necessary to give your student the proper credit.

MMSS Refund Policy

In the event that you have to withdraw from the MMSS program, the following refund policy applies. Once paid, there will be no refund of fees for any of the additional services.

Date Action
Before and up to May 1, 2024 50% refund of tuition and dormitory fees
May 1 up to June 1, 2024 25% refund of tuition and dormitory fees
June 1, 2024 and after NO REFUND

Due to fixed operating costs associated with the MMSS program, no refund or prorated tuition will be given to participants who leave the program early due to medical injury/illness, disciplinary action, family emergency, self-elected withdrawal, or other similar reasons.