MQR Issue 57:1, Winter 2019 – Michigan Quarterly Review

MQR Issue 57:1, Winter 2019

Announcing the release of MQR 57:1, our Winter 2019 Issue

Cover art by Duncan Hartley.


  • Jennifer Case: On Contemplating a Second Child
  • Caitlin Kindervatter-Clark: Worshippers
  • Sara Petersen: Tiny Water Glasses
  • Andrew J. Skerritt: The Funeral Tourist
  • Ash Whitman: Breathe


  • Michael Byers: Chapman’s Heart
  • Jai Chakrabarti: Searching for Elijah
  • Beth Kissileff: I’m Not Here for Myself
  • Onyinye Ihezukwu: Tuta Tuta
  • Nancy Reisman: Birthday; Six East; In the Neighborhood


  • Josh Bettinger: By Pixel, Pixel; The Saturday Club
  • Geoffrey Brock: A Cento for My Father; Gray Communion
  • Cortney Lamar Charleston: Elegy for Killmonger With my Own Pain Entering Frame
  • Chelsea Dingman: Things I Never Give Myself Permission to Say
  • Myronn Hardy: For Roundness; Fanon’s Country; Gaza Ghazal: Blue Dissent; The Weals Then Seagulls
  • Andrew Hemmert: Future Theory; Alcohol Theory; Telemarketer Theory
  • Khaled Jumaa (translated by Edward Morin and Yasmin Snounu): He Said to Me
  • Ae Hee Lee: Dear Bear [True Thrill]; Dear Bear [This is My Complaint]
  • Alan Michael Parker: Ornithology
  • Emily Pittinos: Trembling on the Skin of a Droplet
  • Nicole Stockburger: Navigation
  • Nance Van Winkel: His Daddy’s Boat
  • Sarah Wolfson: An Unfunded Study of the Afterbirth

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