Long Exposure

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Rae Gouirand’s poem, “Long Exposure,” was first published in Michigan Quarterly Review’s Winter 2018 Issue.

On that last day, we read images taken
from a moving car, listening

to the artist speak of wanting that way
time stretches things out

readable in the frame 
so the image caught is the image itself

passing, then of how 
she experimented with how long 

to keep the shutter open. When things 
line up or sit atop another, I join 

a lump there, join the bottom of myself. 
You sit beside, stroking my hand 

those moments, first squinting at long skies 
over Laramie then nodding.

Rae Gouirand’s book, Glass is Glass Water is Water, was published in 2019 by Spork Press, and is available for purchase here.

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