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The Lookout Tree

“Are they gone?” Danny gasps. He is still a heap on the platform, motionless except for the heaving of his chest.

“Nope,” I say. “We’re gonna have to wait.”

The Other Leopold

The transformation to bird woman happened so quickly in the past three years. Having my binoculars with me everywhere I go is surely the first clue that I’m always on the hunt.

From Reinaldo Arenas: A Memoir of 1974

I’m writing this on Monday the 16th. I hear a motor outside; is it them? I write because I want these things to be known. If something should happen to me, it’s important that people know what happened and how.

Lies, Fame, Memory, Illness, and the Theater of Reza Abdoh

Salar Abdoh’s essay, “Lies, Fame, Memory, Illness, and the Theater of Reza Abdoh,” first appeared in Michigan Quarterly Review‘s Spring 2019 Special Issue on Iran. My brother, Reza, was always pissed off at me, as he often had to bail me out of tough situations.