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Category Archives: Fiction

“Singing Worm,” by Marilyn Chin

After twenty years of postponing her love life and toiling as a professor of immunology at Cal Tech, Moonie finally has a breakthrough. She has been studying the humoral and cellular system of an earthworm named Carlos for fifteen years.

“Worry,” by Jenny Irish

Time is a color-shifting jelly. They move through it slowly, achieving new positions in which they stay suspended until another change is forced. He answers certain knocks at the door and certain phone calls. He addresses what he can address, and then breaststrokes his way back to her.

“High Desert,” by Ramona Ausubel

Two thousand years after her people left Jerusalem and eighty years after they left Turkey and fifty years after they left Poland and twenty-​nine years after the death of her daughter, the woman walks down the desert road and she feels her body letting go of her.

“Here at the Starlight Motel,” by Andrea Barrett

He’s brown-eyed and big: six-foot three, two-thirty or so, and running a little to fat, which I never liked in a man but didn’t much mind in him. He has beautiful hands, and a smile that says everything’s easy. And although he’s only twenty-eight, not much older than me, he has a wife and three kids and a beat-up car with a baby-seat in the back. He has responsibilities.