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808s & Otherworlds: An Interview with Sean Avery

Sean Avery Medlin (he/they) is a gamer and Hip-Hop nerd, whose only wish in this world is to watch an unproblematic Black sci-fi TV show. Till then, Medlin teaches creative writing and guides cultural work for organizations across the US, while also creating rap, poetry,

I’m Not Invisible: An Interview with Joe Harjo

Joe Harjo (b.1973 Oklahoma City, OK) is a multidisciplinary artist from the Muscogee Creek Nation of Oklahoma and currently works and teaches in San Antonio, TX. He holds a BFA in Visual Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma and an MFA from the University

Craft New Worlds: An Interview with Nadine MARS

MQR’s Online Series, “Celebrating Writers in Our Community,” is inspired by our upcoming special-themed issue, “Why We Write.” The series of interviews is a celebration of the diversity of Southeast Michigan writers, their talents, their motivations for writing, and their significance to our community.  Nadine

Huda Fakhreddine head shot

Decades of Fire: An Interview with Spring 2022 Guest-Editor Huda Fakhreddine

I think my experience living in this country has colored everything I do because suddenly, in 2005, I found myself out of context, away from the places of the language, where you live in the language and think in it, and you are with it all day. Suddenly there’s this distance and you’re living in translation and you’re so acutely aware of the politics of representation and translation.