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MQR Issue 57:6 | Spring 2019

Our Spring 2019 Issue is here!  Featuring Essays by Salar Abdoh, Sandy Feinstein, M.R. Ghanoonparvar, Mojgan Ghazirad, Mason Jabbari, Habibe Jafarian, Amy Motlagh, and Kusha Sefat Fiction by Hossein Mortezaeian Abkenar, Javad Afhami, Dena Afrasiabi, Amir Ahmadi Arian, Aliyeh Ataei, and Nilofar Shidmehr Poetry by Reza Afazali, Qeysar Aminpur, Vahe Armen, Armen Davoudian, Leila Emery, Mohammad Reza Shafi’i Kadkani, Saba Keramati, Haji Khavari, Saïdeh Pakravan, Arash

Lies, Fame, Memory, Illness, and the Theater of Reza Abdoh

Salar Abdoh’s essay, “Lies, Fame, Memory, Illness, and the Theater of Reza Abdoh,” first appeared in Michigan Quarterly Review‘s Spring 2019 Special Issue on Iran. My brother, Reza, was always pissed off at me, as he often had to bail me out of tough situations.


Sakeen the housemaid was rarely free to play with us, even at parties. She had to prepare dinner, serve it to the guests, and clean up. Shahnaz, my uncle’s wife, liked to throw big parties to outplay our mothers in a game between them known

The End of Romanticism in Tehran

I must have been about ten when my mother and I were called into a cubicle at the American embassy in India, where we had traveled from Iran as part of our visa application, and in light of the absence of diplomatic relations between Tehran


My mother picks up the pestle and mortar and does to saffron what the clerics have done to her country/ pours in steaming water till the liquid in the bowl becomes the Caspian swallowing the sun/ it smells like a home I have not returned


There are public pools in Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan, no doubt elsewhere in Iran, too, but those are the cities I visited at the end of 2015. Before I left for Khomeini Airport, I had discovered the existence of a Jewish sports center in Tehran,