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Category Archives: Winter 2020

Chinese calligraphy carved into a painted wooden wall

Angel Island

at the Angel Island Immigration Station our bodies levitated in minutes, ticking, ticking, alive, alive; forgo mercy and forgo hunger; slurp the pig slop; our muscles in 1911, 1912, we turned ghost and ghost again

Old Lady 2079

Boobie, listen, I don’t know what to tell you. History is people being assholes to each other in increasingly sophisticated ways.

Embrace the Sky: An Interview with Libyan Painter Abdelgader Bader

Fish are an important symbol in Libyan folk art and can be found as carpets and textile decoration throughout the Arab world. They are a symbol of renewal and a sign of abundant livelihood and fertility, and a good omen for the bearer. The red eye in the fish is a talisman to protect from envy and evil.