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King’s “Dream”—Whose Country ’Tis of Thee?

Eric J. Sundquist’s essay appeared in MQR’s Fall 2007 issue. Featured Image: Nathaniel Donnett, “Demarcation; The Marked Location of Death, Life, and A Dream Deferred,” 2018, Plastic, gold leaf, books (“King’s Dream” by Eric J. Sundquist), shoestrings, 77″ x 98″ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ On the evening of

Sound and Light: A Quick Tour of Recorded Poetry Archives

The after-effect of the force of the archive is a kind of ghosting: it hints too uncannily at history reified, at history returned to the present. The voice is physically indexed, it leaves a residue in a way it simply can’t in the ordination of the library. Nowhere can one feel this more than in the archives of poetry read aloud, that most ephemeral event.