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California, Here We Come

Swimming pools! Movie Stars! We’re on our way to AWP–and if you are too, remember to stop by (we’re at Table 218) and check out our special deals: save $10 on a one-year subscription—($15 instead of $25), or get two years for the price of one ($25 instead of $45). When you sign up, you’ll also receive a copy of our current issue (a $7 value) for free.

MFA Worlds

The production of what we call art is only a small part of what it means to participate in an art world. There is a core activity, of course: we write, we paint, we make photographs, we dance. But most of our time is spent in associated activities, the most important of which is what Becker refers to as mobilizing resources: supplies, monetary support, distribution, the before/during/after of art-making. Some arts require larger, more visible resources than others. The Metropolitan Opera feels like a far cry from the coffee house poetry reading, but the difference is only one of scale. There is no artistic pursuit that can succeed without mobilizing whatever resources are necessary for that world to exist.

Writing Through It

* Paula Mendoza *

I have been thinking a lot about poetry lately, but not in any good or nourishing way. AWP, by the time you read this post, will have just happened, although it’s happening right now.