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Why I Chose It: Michigan Quarterly Review Fiction Reader Elinam Agbo introduces Dena Afrasiabi’s story “Ayatollahland,” from our Spring 2019 Issue: Iran.  Welcome to Ayatollahland, an Iran-inspired theme park in Houston, Texas, or as Dena Afrasiabi’s narrator puts it: “a place for the wistful, disconnected

Meet Our Contributors, MQR Spring 2019, Special Issue on Iran

Purchase MQR 57:6 (Spring 2019) — our special issue on Iran — in print or as a downloadable PDF. ___________________________________________________________________________________ SALAR ABDOH |THE ALCOVE | translation, |LIES, FAME, MEMORY, ILLNESS, AND THE THEATER OF REZA ABDOH | essay, |BEDTIME | translation, |THE INGRID BERGMAN PRINCIPLE | translation SALAR ABDOH