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A Giddy Lurch into Chaos: China Mieville on Brexit, Writing Books as Video Games, and Lachrymose Europhilia

At the time of the discussion, the tenor of the mainstream pro-Remain discourse – with honourable and important exceptions, most of which were and are clear-sightedly and with a heavy heart more anti-anti-Remain than pro–was to my mind at a particularly politically and tactically dunderheaded pitch, and this is reflected in my remarks. I stand by this critique.

Animate Matters — Sci-Fi, Empedocles, and GMOs

Improbable combinations of species have a history in many cultures as mythical hybrids—sometimes as gods, but just as often as monsters. Long past believing in griffins, the public still reacts strongly to “unnatural” combinations; the current GMO contention is a prime example.

Rock n’ Roll Time Travel: An Interview with Mo Daviau

“I had the goal of writing a feminist novel with a first-person male narrator. Karl is not the most dudely of dudes, of course, but I liked the idea of a man casting a kind eye on someone like Lena, who stopped caring what everyone thought years ago and is just trying to make it through her day without crying. I liked the idea of having the male gaze on a woman most men would ignore or revile, with him actually admiring and loving her for her positive qualities, for who she is and her strength, which goes largely unnoticed in her life.”

My Preoccupation

* Lillian Li *

Here are the things about me that you could glean from a quick glimpse at my search history:

I hurt my calf kickboxing and I want to do something about it. I have a crush on my kickboxing instructor and I maybe want to do something about it. I am learning how to cook quinoa. I have finished only a fraction of my taxes. I don’t know if I have health insurance. I am still learning how to cook quinoa.