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Congrats to Ashraf Rushdy

Today we’re sending out hearty congratulations to Ashraf Rushdy, whose essay “Reflections on Indexing My Lynching Book” was selected for Best American Essays 2015. Rushdy’s essay was published in MQR’s Spring 2014 issue.

2014 Lawrence Foundation Prize Awarded to Courtney Sender

Courtney Sender has won the $1000 Lawrence Foundation Prize for 2014. The prize is awarded annually by the Editorial Board of MQR to the author of the best short story published that year in the journal. Sender’s story “We Can Practice Starts” appeared in the Spring 2014 issue.

“We Can Practice Starts,” by Courtney Sender

* fiction by Courtney Sender, excerpted from MQR 53:2, Spring 2014 * Look, the truth of the way of the world is that David loves Moira enough to move to the middle of Nothing, England, for her, and Moira doesn’t love David enough to pick up the goddamned phone.

All David wants to do is warn her:

“Bad Faith: The Worst First Date of an OKCupid Moderator,” by Christopher Kempf

* nonfiction by Christopher Kempf, excerpted from MQR 53:2, Spring 2014 * I began to understand by the second beer that I’d been misled in more than mere appearances. Aubrey was not, as she suggested in the “What I’m doing with my life” section of her profile, “petting every single dog she saw” for a living, but was, like so many young San Franciscan hipsters I’d been trying to avoid, working for a tech start-up in the Financial District. *