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Michigan Genomics Initiative (MGI)

The Michigan Genomics Initiative (MGI) is a collaborative research effort among physicians, researchers, and patients at the University of Michigan (U-M) with the goal of combining patient electronic health record (EHR) data with corresponding genetic data to gain novel biomedical insights. 

The MGI study team processes genetic data for all genotyped study participants at a given time and makes these data available with the release of a “Data Freeze”. To date, MGI has released 6 Data Freezes.

Data Freeze ## ParticipantsRelease DateStorage Location*
135,065February 2017Data Den
247,513September 2018Data Den
356,984March 2020Data Den
460,215July 2021Data Den
570,439November 2022 Turbo
680,529September 2023Turbo

* MGI implements a policy to move legacy Freezes to long term archive storage as new Freezes become available. Freeze N-2 will retire one month after the release of new Freeze N.  Historically Freezes release at a cadence of ~1 year, meaning any given Freeze will “live” in the central directory for ~2 years before moving to archive. Contact phdatahelp@umich.edu with questions.

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