An archive of the past decade or so of the program.

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“Summer research at Michigan was when I first realized that scientists create their own path, and have the power to discover. The memory of my REU experience sustained me until I could embark upon advanced study, and now I enjoy working with my own REU students.” – Professor Alison Frontier, University of Rochester, UM-REU 1989

“The summer I spent as a REU student at UM was instrumental in my decision to attend graduate school. Coming from a PUI, the opportunity to work at a large research university allowed me to work in a large group on cutting edge research and deepened my passion for chemical research. – REU 2014

 “My summer at UM was an outstanding experience that helped me grow in a professional and personal way. One focus of my current research is related to what I worked with during my summer in Ann Arbor.” – REU 2016

“This experience allowed me to collaborate with a diverse group of people, who share my ambition in the pursuit of excellence and desire to elucidate questions at the interfaces of science.” – REU 2018