Graduate Students – Shachar Pinsker

Graduate Students

I am working with graduate students in the Near Easter Studies department, Frankel Center for Judaic Studies, and the Department for Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan.

Current PhD students working with me:

Ya’akov Hershkovitz





 Nadav Linial





Recent PhD graduates:

Sara Feldman (graduated 2013)

Lecturer in Hebrew Language, Program in Jewish Culture and Society, University of Illinois


Fine Lines: Hebrew and Yiddish Translations of Alexander Pushkin’s Verse Novel Eugene Onegin, 1899–1937



Efrat Bloom (graduated 2013)

Fellow of the Frankel Institute for Judaic Studies, University of Michigan


This Place of Poetry: Writing, Displacement, and the Poetics of the Mother Tongue in H. Leyvik, Paul Celan, and Sargon Boulus




Orian Zakai (graduated 2012)

Assistant Professor of Modern Hebrew, Middlebury College


Zion of Their Own:  Hebrew Women’s Nationalist Writing




Oren Segal (graduated 2012)

Assistant Professor of Hebrew, Charleston College


Imagining Independence Park

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