The Shultz group conducts educational research aimed at understanding the teaching and learning of college level chemistry. This research is highly interdisciplinary; it requires a strong foundation in chemistry and employs both qualitative and quantitative research methods from education. Areas of research include writing-to-learn, the development of chemistry teaching expertise at the college level, and chemical reasoning.

We welcome group members of all races, ethnicities, languages, immigration statuses, socioeconomic statuses, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, ages, and neurological and physical abilities. Diversity of life experiences and perspectives allows us to conduct higher quality research. We strive to ensure an environment in which group members feel empowered to express themselves, confident in their abilities, and open to learning about the experiences and perspectives of others. As a part of that environment, the core values of our group include respect, empathy, empowerment, mentorship, and community engagement.