Fun Facts

A scarf designer 

  • I love drawing in my spare time though I haven’t taken any classes on it. Studying how designs could impact users’ perceptions of a product is one of my research interests, but it is much easier to evaluate a design than do it.
  • I designed these scarves for my graduate school life, for myself, my mother, and my monther-in-low in celebrating my first wedding anniversary. So I put my initials, my husband’s initials, and other lovely thoughts flashed through my mind into my design.
  • I contacted some manufacturers and turned these pictures into real 90X90 silk scarves!

Theme 1: Love letter

If problems are locks, solutions are keys, love will lead us to find the right key to every lock. I put some of my thoughts about marriage and love that occurred to me during the past year into this design, it is a love letter to every woman in marriage.

Theme 2: Armor & Heel

My husband studied Aerospace Engineering, so he loves aircraft. Because this design is for his mother, I put A LOT of aircraft into it, and, of course, his initials! The idea of this design basically came from the sketch inside our wedding bands and his oaths. He said he will protect me like the armor to a solider and I am his Achilles’ Heel. Isn’t it lovely?

Theme 3: Ann Arbor-Michigan

I love this small town, it is beautiful and quiet. And if you want to take a trip to the bustling boardwalks of Navy Pier or the Millennium Park in the heart of the city of Chicago, it’s only a 5-hour drive!

A travel lover 

  • I love traveling. It is always so great to understand a place by talking to the locals and living like the locals.
  • The broader I visit, the better I understand the world and myself.