Fun Facts

A scarf designer 

  • I love drawing in my spare time though I haven’t taken any classes on it. Studying how designs could impact users’ perceptions of a product is one of my research interests, but it is much easier to evaluate a design than do it.
  • I designed these scarves for my graduate school life, for myself, and my mother. So I put my initials and other lovely thoughts flashed through my mind into my design.
  • I contacted some manufacturers and turned these pictures into real 90X90 silk scarves!

Theme 1: Love letter

If problems are locks, solutions are keys, love will lead us to find the right key to every lock. I put some of my thoughts about close relationships and love into this design, it is a love letter to every woman in the romantic relationship.

Theme 2: Ann Arbor-Michigan

I love this small town, it is beautiful and quiet. And if you want to take a trip to the bustling boardwalks of Navy Pier or the Millennium Park in the heart of the city of Chicago, it’s only a 5-hour drive!

A travel lover 

  • I love traveling. It is always so great to understand a place by talking to the locals and living like the locals.
  • The broader I visit, the better I understand the world and myself.