Introduction to Psychology

Course Description

The goals of this course are to familiarize students with basic psychological perspectives and theories, to consider the application of psychology to daily life, and to increase understanding of oneself and others. The discussion that I was responsible for helped students to digest the lecture and reading materials with quizzes, engaging activities, and in-class experiments.

Textbook in W2018


Jan. – Apr. 2018  Psych 111: Introduction to Psychology (with Dr. James Hoener)

Student Evaluations

Anonymous student feedback from Psych 111, Section 033:

Tingting was always striving to help us do well on exams and tweaking the way she presented information to us so it would benefit our learning the most. Going over each quiz and thoroughly going through the material helped me tremendously.”

Anonymous student feedback from Psych 111, Section 034:

The material was interesting”

“Tingting was helpful with the handouts and discussion scripts and slides.”

“Quality of instruction was good.”

Anonymous student feedback from Psych 111, Section 038:

Quality class”

“Very good”

“I was always interested when I came to class. Relevant videos were included which were helpful.”

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