UM Affiliates

If you are a UM faculty or staff member who is interested in supporting Translation@Michigan initiatives, we would be pleased to add you to our list of affiliates.  Please contact:
Barbara Alvarez (University Library)
Kelly Askew (Anthropology and African Studies Center)
Kathryn Babayn (Middle East Studies)
Marlyse Baptisata (Linguistics)
Maya Barzilai (Judaic Studies)
Crisca Bierwert (Center for Research on Learning and Teaching)
Catherine Brown (Comparative Literature and Residential College)
Paul Conway (School of Information)
Cameron Cross (Middle East Studies)
Kristin Dickinson (Germanic Languages and Literatures)
Gregory Dowd (American Culture)
Herbert Eagle (Slavic Languages and Literatures)
Frieda Ekotto (African and African American Studies)
Julie Evershed (Language Resource Center)
David Frye (Anthropology)
Olga Gallegos (Spanish)
Michelle Hannoosh (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Mikhail Krutikov (Slavic Languages and Literatures and Judaic Studies)
Artemis Leontis (Modern Greek and Classical Studies)
Donald Lopez (Asian Languages and Cultures)
Karla Mallette (Romance Languages and Middle East Studies)
Peggy McCracken (Romance Languages, Women’s Studies and Comparative Literature)
Christi Merrill (Asian Languages and Cultures and Comparative Literature)
Philomena Meechan (Language Resource Center)
Joshua Miller (English Literature and American Culture)
Andrew Mills (Germanic Languages)
Deborah Dash Moore (Frankel Center)
Cristina Moreiras (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Margaret Noori (American Culture)
Markus Nornes (Screen Arts and Cultures)
Benjamin Paloff (Slavic Languages and Comparative Literature)
David Porter (English Language and Literature)
Yopie Prins (English and Comparative Literature)
Anton Shammas (Near Eastern Studies and Comparative Literature)
Marlon Sales (Comparative Literature)
Niloofar Sarlatie (Comparative Literature)
Ruth Slavin (UM Museum of Art)
Gina Soter (Residential College)
Scott Spector (Germanic Languages and Literatures)
Carol Tell (Lloyd Hall Scholars)
Antoine Traisnel (Comparative Literature and English Literature)
Mark Tucker (Lloyd Hall Scholars)
Silke-Maria Weineck (Germanic Languages and Comparative Literature)