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Call for Submissions: Senior Prize in Literary Translation!

February 21, 2018The Department of Comparative Literature is pleased to invite graduating seniors in all departments at the University of Michigan to submit entries for our annual prize in literary translation.   This prize is intended to encourage undergraduate students to develop projects (through previous coursework or on their own initiative) in translating into English a literary text originally written in another language.  Submissions are due on the last day of classes, and will be judged by a team of faculty members in Comparative Literature.   A prize of $500 will be awarded at the end of winter term. The winner or the winners  will be invited to read at the department’s end-of-year  reception. RULES FOR SUBMISSION All
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The 17th annual Classical Translations Contest is here!

January 29, 2018Contexts for Classics at the University of Michigan is pleased to announce the 17th annual Classical Translations Contest. Students in all departments and programs (graduate and undergraduate) across the University of Michigan are invited to submit literary translations of texts from Latin, Ancient Greek, and Modern Greek. We know that there are many people inspired by the beauty of these languages who wish to render them more freely and creatively than classwork often involves. This contest is intended to highlight the work of students who are interested in the process of translation as a creative, intellectually meaningful enterprise. Rules and Prizes
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Panel: Lost (and Found) in Translation: Perception and Expression across Borders and Languages

January 5, 2018Thursday, January 18, 2018 6:00-8:00 PM West Conference Room, Rackham Graduate School (4th floor) In 1922, philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein declared that “the limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” With the globally-connected community at the University of Michigan in mind, we invite you to an exploration of the cross-cultural academic expressive production that accompanies thinking and writing from a non-English background. Taking the University of Michigan as a case study, we hope to engage questions of scholarship and public expression incubated in the globalized environment that is the contemporary American university. Rather than focusing on the mechanics
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TRANSLATION ACROSS CAMPUS: Reading from “Unscripted: An Armenian Palimpest”– The One Where It All Comes Together, by Anjali Alangaden (undergraduate intern for Abinsthe: World Literature in Translation)

December 12, 2017There’s something kind of amazing that happens to a piece of literature when it is read aloud. It’s difficult to describe, but almost as if the words are transformed from something static into a living, breathing presence simply by being read aloud. I found this especially true during the reading and reception held to celebrate the release of the newest issue of Absinthe: World Literature in Translation this past Friday. This latest issue, “Unscripted: An Armenian Palimpsest”, showcases the work of contemporary Armenian authors who produce literature and poetry from across the Armenian diaspora. The issue is made even more
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TRANSLATION ACROSS CAMPUS: Where Medicine Meets Translation – An Interview with Megumi Segawa (UM Healthcare Interpreter), by Anjali Alangaden

December 11, 2017Minoring in Translation Studies is perhaps not the most typical choice for an undergrad hoping to go into medicine. And over the past couple years, I have often been asked how I see these two seemingly distinct fields of study interacting. But for me, the connections between translation and medicine are both clear and increasingly important. On a daily basis, most physicians find themselves interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and identities. Sometimes that means working with patients who may not understand English or who struggle with comprehending often complicated medical jargon. Being an effective and compassionate health care provider
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TRANSLATION ACROSS CAMPUS: Translating History, One Video at a Time – An Interview with Kristen Datta (undergraduate intern for the World War II History Project), by Anjali Alangaden

December 6, 2017I first met Kristen Datta in a freshman seminar during January of 2015. We were both pretty interested in languages and were both considering pursuing a major in Linguistics. One thing that I immediately found fascinating about Kristen was her interest in learning both Japanese and German, a pair of languages that were completely foreign to me. As I was studying Portuguese at the time, another not-so-common language on campus, we quickly connected over our interest in languages and our struggles to understand the often painfully dense literature we were discussing in class. In the three years that followed, I’ve
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Join us for a reading from new issue of Absinthe on December 8th!

November 30, 2017The editors of Absinthe: World Literature in Translation are pleased to invite you to the launch of our upcoming issue, “Unscripted: An Armenian Palimpsest.” Please join us in celebrating this publication with a reading on Friday, December 8th from 3:30 – 4:30 PM in the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan (2024 Tisch Hall). Readers include Maral Aktokmakyan Erdogan, Meg Berkobien, Tamar Boyadjian, Dzovinar Derderian, Michael Pifer, Peter Vorissis.  

TRANSLATION ACROSS CAMPUS: Translate-a-Thon 2017 — An Interview with Alexandra Husted (Ford School of Public Policy), by Anjali Alangaden

November 29, 2017One of the most enjoyable parts of Translate-a-Thon has to be the share out on Sunday afternoon. After three days of collaboration and translation, participants have the chance to come together and share what exactly they’ve been working so hard on. Although the Sunday session tends to be a bit smaller when compared to the crowds on the other two days, the ideas being discussed were anything but. In addition to describing the variety of materials that had been translated over the weekend — from community cookbooks to domestic abuse pamphlet — participants also discussed the challenges they faced and
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TRANSLATION ACROSS CAMPUS: Translate-a-Thon 2017 — An Interview with Larissa Siregar (School of Social Work), by Anjali Alangaden

November 20, 2017On October 20-22, the Language Resource Center hosted their annual Translate-a-Thon event. This intense weekend of translation assists a variety of community-based organizations and institutions in translating their written materials into a variety of different languages. This is a vital service that makes these materials accessible to a much broader group of people, allowing those with low English literacy to engage with these programs. One of my first experiences with a group translation project was at Translate-a-Thon 2014. Less than confident with my language skills, I was hesitant about this translation event that my Portuguese professor kept bringing up, but
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TRANSLATION ACROSS CAMPUS: When the Language Bug Bites, by Anjali Alangaden (’18)

November 13, 2017Growing up, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a variety of different languages, both within my own family as well as our broader community. Somewhat unluckily, I never managed to learn any of these languages properly. Not that I’m completely hopeless! I can contribute to conversations and (much more importantly) understand all of the family gossip, but neither of these feats is particularly impressive in a family full of polyglots. My linguistic failings aside, constantly being around several languages had a lot of wonderful effects, including the fact that I was constantly witnessing and experiencing countless moments of
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