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Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Senior Prize in Literary Translation

April 24, 2019Two winners were selected for the 2019 Senior Prize in Literary Translation. Nevin Mital translated an Illustrated Children’s Mahabharata by Ramanlal Soni from Hindi into English. Collin Parks translated The History by Michael Attaleiates from Greek into English. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all of the seniors who submitted their translation to the contest this year.

Congratulations to the 2019 Classical Translations Contest winners

April 24, 2019Thank you to all of the students who submitted a translation to the 18th annual Contexts for Classics Classical Translations Contest. Four graduate students and one undergraduate student were awarded prizes for their translations. Congratulations! Shannon Burton, Classical Archaeology major Anna Cornel, Classical Studies PhD student Lisa Levin, Comparative Literature PhD student Robert Santucci, Classical Studies PhD student Megan Wilson, Classical Studies PhD student

The new Canon Undergraduate Translation Journal is live!

April 22, 2019Canon is an online literary magazine dedicated to promoting and publishing undergraduate and graduate translation at the University of Michigan. Three undergraduate students minoring in translation undertook the task of creating a new website for Canon as well as editing the latest edition of the magazine. Congratulations to the editors, AJ Arons, Hannah Craig, and Alycia Bird, on the beautiful new site!   Read Canon Translation Journal!   

University of Michigan Professor Awarded the 2019 Martha Cheung Award

April 16, 2019Dr. Yasmin Moll,  Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Michigan, is the winner of the 2019 Martha Cheung Award for Best English Article in Translation Studies by an Early Career Scholar for her article entitled ‘Subtitling Islam: Translation, Mediation, Critique’, published in Public Culture 29/2 (2017). Dr. Moll’s study examines subtitling practices at Iqraa, a satellite television channel designed to promote Islamic da’wa (‘outreach’ or ‘preaching’) within both Muslim-majority and Muslim-minority societies. It argues that the subtitlers see their task as twofold: to act as ‘cultural mediators’ responsible for countering perceived Western stereotypes about Muslims on the one hand, and, on the other,
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Contexts for Classics at the University of Michigan announces the 18th annual Classical Translations Contest

February 18, 2019This contest is intended to highlight the work of students who are interested in the process of translation as a creative, intellectually meaningful enterprise. Students in all departments and programs (graduate and undergraduate) across the University of Michigan are invited to submit literary translations of texts from Latin, Ancient Greek, and Modern Greek. We know that there are many people inspired by the beauty of these languages who wish to render them more freely and creatively than classwork often involves. This contest is intended to highlight the work of students who are interested in the process of translation as a
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The 2019 Senior Prize in Literary Translation is here!

February 13, 2019The Department of Comparative Literature is pleased to invite graduating seniors in all departments at the University of Michigan to submit entries for our annual prize in literary translation. This prize is intended to encourage undergraduate students to develop projects (through previous coursework or on their own initiative) in translating into English a literary text originally written in another language. Submissions are due by Tuesday, April 16, and will be judged by a team of faculty members in Comparative Literature. A prize of $500 will be awarded at the end of winter term. The winner or the winners will be invited to read at the department’s end-of-year reception on Friday, May 3. RULES FOR SUBMISSION All
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Congratulations to Dr. Christi Merrill on the publication of her special issue of Dalit Writing translated from Hindi in Words Without Borders!

October 4, 2018Comparative Literature Professor Christi Merrill and Professor Laura Brueck (Northwestern University) edited a special issue of Dalit writings from Hindi into English for the October issue of Words Without Borders! The translations include stories on “a traveler who finds himself checked into a ghost story to an ambitious schoolgirl facing her relatives’ resentment, in settings that range from a corporate office to a rural village.” Words Without Borders promotes the accessibility of international literature through translation and publication to further intercultural understanding. The Dalit community’s Hindi writings use the national language to challenge the caste system and untouchability. Dr. Merrill’s
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Translation Studies minor gains professional experience in translation through capstone project

August 13, 2018Marine Barjol developed her capstone project for the minor in translation studies out of an internship for political science degree. After arriving in Washington DC for the Michigan in Washington program in fall 2016, Marine was offered an internship opportunity working with a visiting fellow from France at the The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. The fellow, Fabrice Balanche, was working on a book about the Syrian civil war, and one of Marine’s assignments was helping translate the French manuscript into English. The project was a challenging yet rewarding experience. Not only did Marine gain practical translation skills, she also acquired
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Congratulations to the 2018 winners of the Senior Prize in Literary Translation!

August 1, 2018The Department of Comparative Literature is pleased to announce that Trevor Krayer and Jess Liu were selected as the winners of the 2018 Senior Prize in Literary Translation. Trevor Krayer (BA, International Studies and Romance Languages and Literatures) translated an excerpt from the novel Terra Fresca by João Leal from Portuguese into English. Trevor worked to faithfully convey the author’s original sentence structure in his translation, thus keeping the tone of the scene and narration style in line with the original text. He was also careful in his portrayal of the characters, using their dialog to indicate the differences in
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Finding the Words: Translation Studies minor, Anjali Alangaden, interviewed in LSA Magazine

June 27, 2018Anjali Alangaden grew up in a family of polyglots, sparking her interest in language and translation, eventually leading her to a linguistics major and a translation studies minor. Once she started paying attention to language on campus, she began to notice something: “The more I looked, the more I saw translation at work in almost every imaginable context. I was fascinated by the translation spectrum I began to see emerging.” For her capstone project in Translation Studies, Anjali worked as an intern for Absinthe (journal of world literatures in translation, published by the Department of Comparative Literature). She also conducted
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