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2018 CfC Translation Prize Winners

May 9, 2018Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Context for Classics Translation Contest! Two graduate students and three undergraduate students were awarded the prize this year. Undergraduate Prizes Liliana Talwatte for her translation from Greek of The Frogs (lines 952-1044 and 1364-1398) by Aristophanes Ashley Tomaszewski for her translation from modern Greek of poems from Gloria in Excelsis by Haris Psarras Molly Schaub for her translation from Greek, Sappic in C Major (A Musical Translation of Select Fragments of Sappho) Graduate Student Prizes Amy Barker for her translation from Latin of De Consolatione Philosophiae 1.6-Metron 7 by Boethius Maxwell Lykins for
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Congratulations to the 2018 winners of the Senior Prize in Literary Translation!

April 24, 2018The Department of Comparative Literature is pleased to announce the 2018 winners of the Senior Prize in Literary Translation. Trevor Krayer for his translation from Portuguese of an excerpt from the novel Terra Fresca by João Leal Jess Xinyi Liu for her translation from Chinese of the short story Endless August by Anni Baobei Congratulations, Jess and Trevor! And thank you to everyone who submitted a translation to this year’s contest.

Absinthe at AWP

March 10, 2018On Wednesday, March 7th, fellow Absinthe editor Genta Nishku and I hopped on a plane to Tampa, Florida for our first ever AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) conference. We were greeted by a perfect 65º day, though not everyone agreed it was warm—locals blamed us for bringing the cold front with us. AWP is the MLA of the writing world, and so I was prepared for, well, crowds of people, the volleying of loud voices as people spotted one another from far off, and event after event of seemingly imperdible events. (By the way, it felt good to
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Call for Submissions: Senior Prize in Literary Translation!

March 1, 2018The Department of Comparative Literature is pleased to invite graduating seniors in all departments at the University of Michigan to submit entries for our annual prize in literary translation.   This prize is intended to encourage undergraduate students to develop projects (through previous coursework or on their own initiative) in translating into English a literary text originally written in another language.  Submissions are due on the last day of classes, and will be judged by a team of faculty members in Comparative Literature.   A prize of $500 will be awarded at the end of winter term. The winner or the winners  will be invited to read at the department’s end-of-year  reception. RULES FOR SUBMISSION All
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The 17th annual Classical Translations Contest is here!

February 28, 2018Contexts for Classics at the University of Michigan is pleased to announce the 17th annual Classical Translations Contest. Students in all departments and programs (graduate and undergraduate) across the University of Michigan are invited to submit literary translations of texts from Latin, Ancient Greek, and Modern Greek. We know that there are many people inspired by the beauty of these languages who wish to render them more freely and creatively than classwork often involves. This contest is intended to highlight the work of students who are interested in the process of translation as a creative, intellectually meaningful enterprise. Rules and Prizes
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2018 Phillips Classical Prize & Modern Greek Prize Competition

February 26, 2018The Phillips Classical Prizes in Latin & Ancient Greek are a long-standing tradition in the Department of Classical Studies to promote and encourage the study of ancient languages. They originate from an endowed scholarship fund, bequeathed to the Department in the will of Henry Phillips, who died in 1895. The prizes are awarded annually to outstanding undergraduates who, by virtue of a special exam, prove their excellence in the various levels of Latin or Ancient Greek. The Modern Greek Prizes have been awarded annually since 1993 to undergraduate students at intermediate and advanced intermediate levels for excellence demonstrated in Modern
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Transcultural Studies Information Sessions in March

February 23, 2018Are you a current junior interested in earning an interdisciplinary MA degree with just one year of study beyond your bachelor’s degree? Join us for an information session on the new accelerated master’s degree program in Transcultural Studies! Learn about the program requirements, what you can study, how to apply, and more.   INFORMATION SESSIONS Tuesday, March 6 at 4pm Modern Languages Building, Room 2011 Wednesday, March 7 at 4pm Angell Hall, Room 3222 Thursday, March 8 at 4pm South Thayer Building, Room 6000   This interdisciplinary program is intended to provide both advanced training and a capstone experience for current LSA undergraduates who
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Panel: Lost (and Found) in Translation: Perception and Expression across Borders and Languages

January 5, 2018Thursday, January 18, 2018 6:00-8:00 PM West Conference Room, Rackham Graduate School (4th floor) In 1922, philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein declared that “the limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” With the globally-connected community at the University of Michigan in mind, we invite you to an exploration of the cross-cultural academic expressive production that accompanies thinking and writing from a non-English background. Taking the University of Michigan as a case study, we hope to engage questions of scholarship and public expression incubated in the globalized environment that is the contemporary American university. Rather than focusing on the mechanics
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TRANSLATION ACROSS CAMPUS: Reading from “Unscripted: An Armenian Palimpest”– The One Where It All Comes Together, by Anjali Alangaden (undergraduate intern for Abinsthe: World Literature in Translation)

December 12, 2017There’s something kind of amazing that happens to a piece of literature when it is read aloud. It’s difficult to describe, but almost as if the words are transformed from something static into a living, breathing presence simply by being read aloud. I found this especially true during the reading and reception held to celebrate the release of the newest issue of Absinthe: World Literature in Translation this past Friday. This latest issue, “Unscripted: An Armenian Palimpsest”, showcases the work of contemporary Armenian authors who produce literature and poetry from across the Armenian diaspora. The issue is made even more
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TRANSLATION ACROSS CAMPUS: Where Medicine Meets Translation – An Interview with Megumi Segawa (UM Healthcare Interpreter), by Anjali Alangaden

December 11, 2017Minoring in Translation Studies is perhaps not the most typical choice for an undergrad hoping to go into medicine. And over the past couple years, I have often been asked how I see these two seemingly distinct fields of study interacting. But for me, the connections between translation and medicine are both clear and increasingly important. On a daily basis, most physicians find themselves interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and identities. Sometimes that means working with patients who may not understand English or who struggle with comprehending often complicated medical jargon. Being an effective and compassionate health care provider
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