Translation Networks

Translation Networks is a set of digital tools aimed at helping students build connections between ideas, creative practices, and sources. A major goal of the tools is to encourage a broader understanding of translation. The tools push users to reflect on a range of concepts such as inter-lingual translation, cross-cultural communication, and the movement across time and space of works, people, and ideas.

The tools themselves include the Record SystemCollections, and the Network Mapper. They encourage students to reflect on the curatorial process and knowledge production by involving them directly in record-making and the grouping of works. The tools also serve as research aids, helping students make connections and think through complex relationships by providing a space where they can digitally map out their ideas and visualize them in a variety of ways.

Translation Networks can be used in courses and projects across multiple disciplines. All content is user generated, allowing students to be more involved in their learning experience and helping them see the lasting impact their work has on future users. Instructors can incorporate the tools to target different types of learners and to promote non-traditional modes of engagement with course material.

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