Language Resource Center

The mission of the Language Resource Center is to serve, support, and promote the study and instruction of foreign languages, cultures, and literatures at all levels within the University of Michigan community.

To fulfill this mission, the Language Resource Center provides leadership and excellence in the application, creation, and dissemination of innovations with respect to information, technology, media, and materials for all University individuals who utilize foreign languages in their studies, teaching, or research.

In addition to supplying diverse resources and services to the University community, the LRC is dedicated to strengthening foreign language instruction at the University of Michigan by informing faculty and GSI’s of theoretical and practical developments in the following fields: language pedagogy, teaching methods, educational research, language acquisition, instructional technology, evaluation, and productivity.

For more information, visit their site here.

University of Michigan Library

The University of Michigan Library is one of the top ten largest libraries in the United States. With over thirteen million items in its catalogue, the library offers students and researchers a unique opportunity to study the world from the convenience of its Ann Arbor location. In addition to its excellent area studies collections, the library also offers the Research Guide for Translation Studies: Literature in Translation. For more information on translation-specific resources, please contact librarian Barbara Alvarez (