Why can’t I customize the site appearance?

The themes we chose are installed in a WordPress multisite network.  There are many benefits to hosting a site through our multisite network and you can read more on that here.  Because any site instance installed on the multisite network can select one of the three themes for their own, the themes can be applied across many sites.  

The themes share a common code that allows for their look and feel to transfer from site to site.  Edits made to their common code for one site would carry over onto any other site using that theme. For example, look and feel changes like background colors, link and title colors, fonts (size, spacing, and color) and structural changes like adjustments to margins, use of white space, and replacing or removing the LSA logo cannot be made because it would affect multiple sites.  That is why customization to a site must be done at the navigation and content level using plugins, widgets, headers and other WordPress features to make a site unique.

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