Policies Regarding the Detroit Initaitive Student Internships

Expectations of Students

Students are expected to attend their internships as scheduled. While their duties must be of benefit to the organization, we ask that not more than 10% of the student’s time is spent on administrative duties (answering phones, copying, filing, etc.) Specific descriptions outlining student responsibilities and tasks will be given to the students before they arrive at their placement. Please let the field placement coordinator know if there are any changes to the description of student responsibilities.


The field placement coordinator will be checking in periodically (not more than every two weeks) with the agency’s contact person for the duration of the student internship. The contact person should be able to keep track of attendance and have a general idea about the students’ work and progress at the agency. If there is any problem regarding student behavior or attendance, please contact the field placement coordinator, or report such concerns when the field placement coordinator calls or visits. The course instructor will also arrange to meet with the organization’s contact person and student interns.


If a student is going to be absent, s/he should contact the agency as far ahead of time as possible. Although it may be difficult, the student should try to arrange to make up the missed hours. If there is an on-going problem regarding a student’s attendance, please contact the field placement coordinator.