Student Intern Orientation

Possible topics for agency/organization to cover with interns:

1. Overview of Organization

Mission statement

History of organization

Relationship with community

Publications (brochures, booklets, annual reports, newspaper cuttings,  etc.)

2. Organizational Structure

Overview of organizational structure

Breakdown of programs and activities of organization

Details about specific program intern will be involved in flow charts or organograms.

3. Chain of Command

Organizational hierarchy related to interns work

Who will be interns immediate supervisor

Other staff persons who can assist intern

4. Discipline Policies

How to intervene with youth – organizational policies

How to handle difficult situations

Limits of discipline

Who intern should go to if problem escalates

5. Organizational Expectations

What organization expects from interns

Types of activities  interns will be engaged in

How will organization utilize interns skills

Solicit input from interns

Goals/objectives to be achieved by end of semester

6. Tour of facilities

Tour of facilities related to interns program and/or main building

Presentation of interns to organization staff

Explanation of space utilization and limits

Security policies(schedule of building, access to keys, etc.)

Use of kitchen facilities(if available)

Telephone policies

Tour of surrounding neighborhoods(if possible)