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Child Trends, November 5 2019

The Child Trends News Service report featuring Dr. Gelman’s research on children’s food preferences is now a live video recording, linked to the title. Check it out!

69 News, October 21 2019

Interested in what gets children to eat certain foods over others? Check out this article (linked to the title) discussing some of Dr. Gelman’s research to find out!

Science, September 20 2019

When we read information-packed articles, what are we most likely to take away? According to DeJesus et al., students are most influenced by statements that use generic language. Some of this data was collected at the Conceptual Development Lab! If you’re interested in learning more about this recent work of Dr. Gelman’s, check out the full article (linked to the title)!

DeJesus, J. M., Callanan, M. A., Solis, G., & Gelman, S. A. (2019). Generic language in scientific communication. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(37), 18370-18377.

UC Santa Cruz Newcenter September 5 2019

Interested in overstatements of scientific findings? Check out this article (linked in the title), featuring our very own Dr. Susan Gelman!

The Wall Street Journal, September 4 2018

Is your child a spendthrift or a tightwad? Check out coverage of our study in the Wall Street Journal to learn more (linked in the title)! A special shout out to Dr. Margaret Echelbarger, Dr. Scott Rick, Dr. Craig Smith and Dr. Susan Gelman.

Psychology Today, August 20 2019

Are your beliefs about the mind facts or myths? Check out this article (linked in the title), featuring a quote from Dr. Susan Gelman, to find out!