Getting to the Lab

We are so excited to take you on a virtual tour of our lab!

Getting Here
Our lab is located in Department of Psychology building, located directly across the street from the Church Street parking structure. For more in-depth directions, check out our  Driving Directions.

 Finding the Building
The Department of Psychology Entrance looks like this:


To Park look for this structure and sign below!


When you arrive for a study, please call our lab so a researcher can meet you in the Church Street parking structure with a parking pass.


Follow the PCRP signs to find the designated participant parking area.

Getting into the Lab


Once inside the building, our lab is accessible by elevator. Take the elevator down to level “B” and you’re almost there! We’re in room B464.

Welcome to Our Lab!

Our lab number is B464! The inside looks like this!


Welcome to our lab!


Our playroom is full of fun toys!


Your child can help us out by playing fun research games in one of our Research Rooms!