Current Students

Our students are the heart and soul of our program and our greatest strength. Dedicated scholars and teachers and good departmental citizens, our students stand out for the professional support they offer each other. One of the highlights of our program is our weekly Chalk and Cheese lunch, an informal professional development seminar run by the third-year cohort for the benefit of the first- and second-year students.

Our students also work together on dissertation writing groups, and many are closely involved in campus and community groups. Explore the exciting work our students are doing or, to learn more about life in the program, contact our program ambassadors.

Anna Almore :

Anna Almore

Anna's research collages together learning and schooling as queer sites for feminist coalition building. Read more…

Aaron Bush :

Aaron Bush

Aaron's research interests are in hip-hop literacies and writing center pedagogy. A teacher at heart, Aaron is also interested in higher education pedagogies' place in rapidly changing University systems.

Alyse Campbell :

Alyse Campbell
Alyse's research interests include composition pedagogy, writing centers, and Asian American rhetoric; she is particularly interested in how rhetoric impacts students' identities and approaches to writing. Read more...
monét cooper :

monét cooper

monét’s focus is the strategies African-American and Latinx girls develop and use in order to navigate their academic environment and the impact of teacher intra-racial bias on relationships with students and families. Read more…

Jathan Day :

Jathan Day
Jathan's research interests include learning management systems, digital literacies and rhetorics, online pedagogy, web accessibility, and collaboration.  Read more… For Jathan’s personal website, click here.
Carlina Duan :

Carlina Duan

Carlina is interested in how writer-teachers might activate and participate in poetic process, community archives, and space-making in and beyond the classroom. Read more…

Megan Garver :

Megan Garver

Megan’s research in writing in the sciences, scientific and medical rhetoric, and examining how to better support women in the sciences. Read more…

Marquise Griffin :

Marquise Griffin

Marquise's research interests are in how creative writing spaces come into contact with physical places. He's particularly interested in how this process contributes to collective identity formation, resiliency, and educational outcomes for Black communities.

Jason Godfrey :

Jason Godfrey

Jason’s research focuses on how modality (re)forms both student and instructor literacies in college composition classrooms. Read more…

Kelly Hartwell :

Kelly Hartwell

Kelly’s research interests focus on the interplay among rhetorical agency, metacognition, and identity: how people (whether novice scholars or newcomers to a private sector organization) language their ways into particular kinds of membership.

Michael Hoffman :

Michael Hoffman

Michael is looking forward to spending his time in the E&E program thinking about how peer response can help students not only with their writing skills, but also with social and emotional learning. Read more…

Sarah Hughes :

Sarah Hughes

Sarah’s research centers on narrative discourse: how the stories we tell reveal insight into ideology and how stories can activate audiences toward social action. Read more…

Christopher Kingsland :

Christopher Kingsland

Christopher is interested in improving writing instruction and student writing outcomes in secondary classrooms through examination of writing identities and related instructional practices. Read more…

Rusi (Ruth) Li :

Rusi (Ruth) Li
Ruth Li integrates scholarship in literary, linguistic, and writing studies to investigate college students’ writing about literature.  Read more…
Naitnaphit Limlamai :

Naitnaphit Limlamai

Naitnaphit investigates how justice is defined, constructed, and enacted in secondary English methods classes and how those ideas travel from university preparation course work to student teaching classrooms. For her personal website. Read more…

Andrew Moos :

Andrew Moos

Andrew is interested in exploring the social nature of responding to student writing. Read more…

Cassandra (Casey) Otemuyiwa :

Cassandra (Casey) Otemuyiwa

Casey is interested in teacher education and the linguistics of writing development in secondary English language arts and college composition classes. Read more…

Andrew Appleton Pine :

Andrew Appleton Pine

Andrew will continue to read and write about (among other things) accessibility, antiracist pedagogy, and literacy.

Michelle Ratering :

Michelle Ratering

Michelle is interested in teacher education and professional development, international education, and in the ways in which technology is transforming learning and the landscape of education. Read more...

Kendon Smith :

Kendon Smith

Kendon studies how notions of standard language are taken up in composition classrooms. His current research examines how textbooks discuss standard language and how these texts affect classroom interaction. Read more…

Kendon’s personal website can be found here.

Michelle Sprouse :

Michelle Sprouse

A teacher of writing and writing teachers, Michelle's current research focuses on social annotation as a tool for improving reading in post-secondary contexts. See more at her personal website. Read more…

Kathryn (Katie) Van Zanen :

Kathryn (Katie) Van Zanen

Katie’s research interests center on ethical negotiation in writing and writing instruction. Her dissertation project examines this among raised-evangelicals writing back to their home communities on social media.
Read more…

Catherine Ventura :

Catherine Ventura

Catherine is researching the relationship between adolescents’ civic engagement and their literacy skills as well as the empowerment of underserved students as it relates to reading and writing.

Kelly Wheeler :

Kelly Wheeler

Kelly's current scholarship focuses on mapping the rhetorical function of swastikas within communities as assemblages of justice or injustice. Read more…

Elizabeth (Adelay) Witherite :

Elizabeth (Adelay) Witherite

Adelay studies how felt senses, such as emotion or other gut reactions, motivate and mediate discussions about social differences (e.g., race, class, gender, sexuality, dis/ability).   Read more…

Crystal Zanders :

Crystal Zanders

Crystal is interested in literacy studies and race-related rhetorical analysis.

Read more…