Professional Development

JPEE provides students many opportunities to grow professionally.

These include support in preparing for and funding to attend conferences, funding to support a student-faculty study group focused on language and rhetoric, opportunities to participate in faculty research projects, and positions with the Center for Research on Learning and Teachings.


Faculty work with students to write proposals and prepare to make presentations at conferences. The conferences that most of the students present at are:  National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), and American Educational Research Association (AREA). Both the Rackham Graduate School and the Department of English provide funding for students to attend conferences, and Rackham has a special category for travel to international conferences.

Language and Rhetoric

The Sweetland Center for Writing regularly invites JPEE students to participate in research projects focused on writing. This participation often includes making presentations at conferences and collaborating with faculty to publish articles about studies conducted at the Center.

School of Education faculty often invite JPEE students to join research projects focused on K-12 education.  There is also a robust group of faculty and students who conduct research on community colleges.

The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) hires JPEE students to conduct observations of teaching in the classrooms of other graduate students.

The English Department Writing Program (EDWP) is a robust program of lecturers and GSIs that offers many opportunities to develop teaching skills, attend teaching panels, discuss curriculum design; it’s a program that takes seriously research in composition and rhetoric; it’s a chance to apply one’s theory to real-life teaching situations; that some students research work has evolved directly out of their classroom experiences.