Winter 2018

January 26 on unix scripting and Make: Slides from the talk and an article about using Make to program a neuroimaging workflow

February 23 on comparative field research methods: Two papers that explore responses to death of a group mate in wild animals: one on elephants and another on baboons

March 23 on The Replication Crisis: A video of Dr. Meyer’s talk and an influential blog post by Andrew Gelman, article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, and articles from John Ioannidis, our own Dave Meyer with Roger Schvaneveldt, and the first chapter of Chris Chambers’ The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology: The Sin of Bias

March 30 on visualizing uncertainty: A chapter on reporting results without p-values, a blog on Bayesian vs. Frequentist approaches, an article on the drawbacks of confidence intervals, and several resources for conveying results through hypothetical outcome plots, quantile dotplots, user-center visualizations, and graphs

April 13 on measurement error in predictor variables: