Winter 2017

January 6 on common methods challengesLink to Dr. Sanjay Srivastava’s website

January 20 on powerSlides from Dr. Pam Davis-Kean on “Bringing Power to Psychological Science” and paper and blog post from Andrew Gelman on significance testing and inflated effect sizes in small and variable samples

February 3 on measurement invarianceA recent empirical example

February 10 on testing specific interaction hypothesesSlides from Nick Michalak on “What makes a good test” and relevant syntaxpaper on which part of the discussion was based, paper on erroneous testing of interactions in neuroscience research, and a description and example of estimating latent variable interactions

March 17 on confound regressorsSlides from Dr. Daniel Weissman on “Why Regressing Our Confounds from a Nested Design will Often Fall Short” and relevant articles commenting on the problem and showing that it exists theoretically

April 14 on multiple imputationSlides from Adrienne Woods and a helpful background reading

April 21 on alternatives to regression discontinuityA helpful background reading