Winter 2019

January 25 on Context effects in Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM) – obvious and no-so-obvious issues using a simple data example: An old, but good, article on the influence of centering on HLM results

February 1 on From Adaptive to Just-In-Time Adaptive Interventions in Mobile Health: Experimental Design Considerations: Articles introducing adaptive interventions and just-in-time adaptive interventions

February 15 on Meta-Analyses in the Replication Crisis Era: Steps, Challenges and Best Practices: A review article on meta-analyses in the context of The Replication Crisis

March 1 on Estimating and Visualizing Interactions Between Endogenous Latent Variables: A tutorial on latent variable interactions in structural equation models

March 29 on Using Growth Curve Modeling with Landmark Registration for the Analysis of Cortisol and Other Hormone Data: A helpful background reading on the approach

April 5 on #Parenting Projects: Using Twitter to Understand Mothering and Fathering: Slides from the presentation