Support MQR on #GivingBlueDay

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#GivingBlueDay is November 27, and this year Michigan Quarterly Review is going all in for your support in sustaining and growing the literary arts at Michigan.

Why give?

Giving to MQR means supporting diverse and exciting creative and critical writing from around the globe. MQR’s print journal has been sharing the voice of the University of Michigan to an international readership for more than fifty years, and our expanded online platform is bringing the journal to a wider audience than ever. MQR is run by faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates at the University; providing students with valuable opportunities to gain first-hand experience in literary publishing. Recently, MQR has focused on highlighting underrepresented voices and special issues on timely topics like Caregiving, the Flint water crisis, and Iran.

What do gifts support?

This fund will support MQR in our commitment to paying writers for the quality essays, fiction, and poetry they contribute to the journal. We believe that writing of merit deserves compensation; in order to publish the most innovative and diverse writing, we need to compensate our contributors. This fund will also support funding for the growing group of graduate and undergraduate students who assist us with the work of publishing the journal. Many journals rely on volunteers to put together their publications, but we know it is vital to compensate the students who come to MQR to learn about publishing.

Why are donations necessary?

We’re asking you to give to MQR because we want your help fostering a new generation of thoughtful, inclusive, and creative young voices in the world of editing and publishing. The University of Michigan has a role to play in shaping the future of the literary arts, and MQR supports students and faculty with vision. Your contributions will demonstrate your commitment to creative work that takes on the important cultural and social issues of the day, authors who are dedicated to mastering their craft, and readers who are looking for challenging and outstanding writing.