MQR Issue 58:3, Summer 2019

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Our Summer 2019 Issue is here! 

Featuring Essays by Lisa Gruenberg, Ruth Hoberman, Susan Fox Rogers, Jillian Weiss, Daniel Vollaro

Fiction by Sarah Kokernot, James Leaf, Kirsten Sundberg Lustrum, Mi-Kyung Shin, Ashley Wurzbacher

Poetry by William Brewer, Fleda Brown, Edward Hirsch, Jane Hirshfield, Agustín Lucas, Alain Mabanckou, Circe Maia, Airea D. Matthews, Fabián Severo, Idea Vilariño, Ma Yan

Translations by Nancy Naomi Carlson, Laura Cesarco Eglin, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Stephen Nashef

Also featuring Cover Art from Emilio Sánchez. “Tendedero” [© Emilio Sanchez Foundation]


Susan Fox Rogers | The Other Leopold

Jillian Weiss | Home and Spectacle

Daniel Vollaro | The Lookout Tree


Sarah Kokernot | Debut

James Leaf | Team Wristband

Kirsten Sundberg Lustrum | Revision

Mi-Kyung Shin | La Dolce Vita

Ashley Wurzbacher | Happy Like This


William Brewer | Alloy

Fleda Brown | Ode on Bees

Jane Hirshfield | Falcon

Circe Maia | Trees (translated by Jesse Kercheval)

Airea D. Matthews | Black Ecstatic Ode

Ma Yan | Old Robot (translated by Stephen Nashef)

Laura Cesarco Eglin | Makeover (translated by Jesse Kercheval)

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*Correction* in the Summer 2019 Issue Daniel Vollero’s work is incorrectly identified as a piece of fiction. “The Lookout Tree” is nonfiction.