MQR Issue 58:4 | Fall 2019 | What Does Europe Want Now? – Michigan Quarterly Review

MQR Issue 58:4 | Fall 2019 | What Does Europe Want Now?

guest edited by Benjamin Paloff

Table of Contents


Benjamin Paloff: Quo Vadis Europa?


  • Mauro Covacich (Trans. Marino D’Orazio): The Bride
  • Sean Gill: Dignity and Urgency in Edinburgh and London
  • Ola Jostein Jørgensen (Trans. Eirill Falck): The Awakening
  • Lejla Kalamujić (Trans. Jennifer Zoble): From Locomotive to Locomotive
  • Mohit Manohar: Summertime
  • Anzhelina Polonskaya (Trans. Andrew Wachtel): Black Matter
  • Sergei Sokolovsky (Trans. Ainsley Morse): Guide to Action
  • Dario Voltolini (Trans. Stiliana Milkova): At Obrycki’s


  • Selma Asotić: Uncle
  • Jeremiah Chamberlin: A Thing Not Witnessed
  • Jenny Erpenbeck (Trans. Susan Bernofsky): Palast Der Republik
  • Elaine van der Geld: Notes From Molenbeek
  • Petra Hůlová: Fifty Years On, Isn’t it Time we Rethought the Prague Spring?
  • Martha M.F. Kelly: In the Mecca
  • Maggie Levantovskaya: To Conjure Up the Dead
  • Jamal Mahjoub: The Limits of Contradiction
  • Georgi Markov (Trans. Dimiter Kenarov): On Patriotism
  • Philip Metres: Snickers, McDonald’s, and Other Russian Time Travel Devices
  • Constantin Noica (Trans. Sean Cotter): Pray for Brother Alexander
  • Eleni Theodoropoulos: 581 A Wish , A Witch , and the Tarot


  • Ken Babstock: Ballad of Puppetry and the Fifth Estate; By Lacustrine we Meant no Luck at All
  • Bruce Bond: Bells
  • Szilárd Borbély (Trans. Ottilie Mulzet): Olaszliszka
  • Daniel Bourne: Bicycle Apocaylpse, Copenhagen
  • Marianne Chan: Love Song for Antonio Pigafetta
  • Daniela Danz (Trans. Monika Cassel): Sea of Helle; Fortress; The Exact Location; Reich or the Good Citizen
  • Jerzy Ficowski (Trans. Jennifer Grotz & Piotr Sommer: Childhood 1940; All Around London
  • Piotr Florczyk: Die Wende, Redux
  • Giles Goodland: The Day of the Drive
  • H.L. Hix: After Margreth Slaffigin and Mechthild Von Magdeburg
  • Cynthia Hogue: On the Preservation of Biodiversity in the European Union (1993); After the Wall (1991)
  • Emily Holt: A Separation
  • Henry Israeli: Survival Songs
  • Song Lin (Trans. Dong Li): To Czesław Miłosz; Bois De Boulogne
  • Bronka Nowicka (Trans. Katarzyna Szuster): Tights; Stone
  • Tomasz Różycki (Trans. Mira Rosenthal): Scenario; Outside Prudnik
  • Andra Schwarz (Trans. Caroline Wilcox Reul): Three Poems
  • Márton Simon (Trans. Timea Balogh): Open-Air; In the Best of Cases, South
  • Fiona Sze-Lorrain: Self-Reliance
  • Anthony Tao: Fontana Dei Quattro Fiumi
  • GK Tewari: Formality; Geopolitics
  • Serhiy Zhadan (Trans. John Hennessy & Ostap Kin): Knights Templar; + + +

Joshua L. Miller: Metaphor is Everything a Conversation With China Mieville

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