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Foreword: Celebrating Our Emerging Writers

In the words of Stephanie Glazier, we, having gotten to what seems like a cultural and political impasse, are seeking “something that means / not only sings praise.” And as if responding to the same impulse, Yun Wei tells us that we need to go beyond our familiar routes or roads, we must invent ways of moving and growing that will carry us with them and assure us that “this is not the end.”

Celebrating 60 years of MQR

This special issue celebrates Michigan Quarterly Review’s sixtieth anniversary, a remarkable milestone for any publication, let alone one devoted exclusively to literature and the arts. A special selection of previously published works was one of the first things we decided on for celebrating our anniversary.

A Note From the Editor

It’s arguable that in 1971 the Shah of Iran himself ignited the revolution that overthrew his regime eight years later. In a week-long series of ostentatious, garish festivities, the Shah celebrated the 2,500th year of the Foundation of the Imperial State of Iran, an event