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Antena, Language Justice, and Poetry

* Paula Mendoza *

‘Language Justice’ is a term I was wholly unfamiliar with before this encounter. Hearing those two words together, and thinking of what it had to do with this magic book bike, sent a charge through my brain.

MQR 53:2 | Spring 2014

Linda Frazee Baker discovers Dwarka, Chris Kempf goes on the worst first date of his OkCupid career, Rav Grewal-Kök experiences a moment of truth in Vang Vieng, Michael Kobre wonders what’s happened to all the superheroes, Asraf Rushdy muses about writing a trilogy on lynching.

Fiction by Nan Byrne, S. P. Donohue, Janis Hubschman, Courtney Sender, Brian Short, Ruvanee Vilhauer.

Poetry by Susan Hutton, Jacques Rancourt, Corrina Schroeder, G. C. Waldrep.