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So what.

The dog is curled up at my feet, just close enough to worry me that her paws might get tangled up in the rocker if I’m careless.

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MQR 49:1 | Winter 2010

Chris Thornton and Juan Cole on Iran today (with a portfolio of photographs) … Jennifer Robertson on historical forgetting and contemporary Japanese art … Philip Beidler on Vonnegut’s Dresden … Anis Shivani on the new poetry of lament … Stories by David Huddle, Nancy Reisman, Sharon Pomerantz … Poems by Albert Goldbarth, Sam Taylor, and Beckian Fritz Goldberg …

Fall 2009 Cover

MQR 48:4 | Fall 2009

This special issue, Bookishness: The New Fate of Reading in the Digital Age, features articles on the future of reading, books, and the publishing industry in the 21st century. Among these is “UP 2.0: Some Theses on the Future of Academic Publishing,” an essay by Phil Pochoda, Directory of the University of Michigan Press.

In addition, the issue contains more than 15 other new works, including poetry, fiction, and more.

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MQR 47:4 | Fall 2008

Kathryn Rhett on finding the personal writings left behind by dead authors, Nigel Gearing on class reunions, Chris Thornton on contemporary Egypt, and a conversation with Richard Ford.