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Fall 2009 Cover

MQR 48:4 | Fall 2009

This special issue, Bookishness: The New Fate of Reading in the Digital Age, features articles on the future of reading, books, and the publishing industry in the 21st century. Among these is “UP 2.0: Some Theses on the Future of Academic Publishing,” an essay by Phil Pochoda, Directory of the University of Michigan Press.

In addition, the issue contains more than 15 other new works, including poetry, fiction, and more.

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MQR 47:4 | Fall 2008

Kathryn Rhett on finding the personal writings left behind by dead authors, Nigel Gearing on class reunions, Chris Thornton on contemporary Egypt, and a conversation with Richard Ford.

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MQR 47:3 | Summer 2008

Charles Johnson on literary culture and writing workshops; Charlene Fix on Death of a Salesman; Lisa Lieberman on Hans Christian Anderson; conversations with Sandra Cisneros and Arthur Miller Fiction by Jane Gillette, John Allman Poetry by Gary Soto, Bob Hicok, Diana Fox, Arthur Vogelsang, Peter

Spring 2008 Cover

MQR 47:2 | Spring 2008

This issue contains writings about the territory of China: its people, its ways of thinking, its arts and media, its politics and social conditions. It also examines the presence of China in the imagination and behaviors of the Chinese diaspora, especially in the United States.

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MQR 47:1 | Winter 2008

Anne Goldman on Saul Bellow; Jeffrey Meyers on Marilyn Monroe; Pamela Haag on women’s politics; a personal essay by Herbert Gold; and Don lago on the discoverer of Pluto.

Fiction by Danielle Lazarin and Susan Hahn.

Poetry by Mary Oliver, Charles Harper Webb, Jessica Garratt, Albert Goldbarth, Denise Duhamel, Richard Tillinghast, Daniel Tobin, and Mark Halliday.