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“Boy Erased”: An Interview with Garrard Conley

“Initially, I was wary of speaking to congregations for fear that they wouldn’t like my politics, but now I can begin to see how this message is meant for the church, too. Of course I want people to admire my sentences and my book’s structure, but I really want to reach audiences that might be on the fence about LGBTQ issues (or at least people who have relatives that might be on the fence). I just love living in that in-between space. I like the hard struggle of being between audiences.”

Concrete and Stone

* Kevin Haworth *

This fluidity, this sense of a city always being built—all this became even more apparent a couple of weeks ago, as Tel Aviv welcomed a reported 100,000 tourists, mostly from Europe, for the annual Pride Parade.

A table with stacks of books.

What is Trans Literature?

* Zoe Tuck *

What is trans literature? What does it mean for a literature to emerge? What is our relationship with the past? What is our responsibility to the future?