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Tag Archives: Summer 2020

Auguries of Heavy Weather

I. The gale seems to blow up out of nowhere just as the two of us are lumbering John’s dory into the river. Whipping past the headland, wind and rain sledge me in the chest. I’m shoved back, off-balance. Trying not to lose my grip

Apocalyptic Love Song

Apocalyptic Love Song Longing lengthens. The heart muscles over. What in the world is not a force of its own reckoning. We worship the sheen on the surface of the same lake that let our girls drown. How easily we trade our own breath for

Self Portraiture

Discover different ways to approach the self portrait and the history of the “Golden Shovel” through this lesson plan based on poems from Yusef Komunyakaa and Lesley Wheeler from the Summer 2020 Issue of MQR.

When He Left The House Quietly

Hit play below to hear Viplav Saini read his poem “When He Left The House Quietly” and scroll down for the full text. “When He Left The House Quietly” is featured in MQR’s Summer 2020 issue. When He Left The House Quietly maybe your father walked to the

Essay on Money

My scars are currently valued at $1,149.28 (81.44 hours of my labor). The Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams Vol 1: 1909-1939 costs $27.85 (1.98 hours).The head of Orpheus retains no monetary value.