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Heritage Center Renovations Update

We have restarted our renovation of “Beit Mahjoub”—the house of Mahjoub’s family—that will be the home for the Community Heritage Center in El-Kurru! One of the project’s architects, Nadejda Reshetnikova (“Nadia”), returned to El-Kurru for three weeks in January and February to restart the project. She and our second architect, José Ignacío Forcadell Utrilla (“Nacho”), had other commitments in Egypt but are returning to work this week, and will rejoin our local building crew as well as our local curator Anwar Mahjoub.

It’s very exciting to see this project come together, and we’re very happy to acknowledge the support of our funders: the J.M. Kaplan Fund and the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum are supporting the physical construction (which is much more expensive this year than in years past because of the very high inflation in Sudan), and the University of Michigan Humanities Collaboratory for its ongoing support of our development of exhibit materials and educational programs for the center.

Here are some images of the progress we’ve made in January and February of this year:

Beautiful pattern cast by the sun shining through triangular holes in the wall that will eventually shelter the traditional Sudanese water jars (zir) that will welcome guests to the Center.
An amazing day: The Center being connected to electricity!
The first roof being put on (this room will be the office)
The first door being installed (on the guard room)
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