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Interested in exploring Nubian culture, language, literature and history but just getting started? This sampling of scholarly and popular resources centering Nubian voices and perspectives complements those developed by the Collaboratory. Suggestions and feedback welcome! Compiled by Evyn Kropf

هذا الدليل يتضمن قائمة مصادر ومراجع مفيدة لاستكشاف الثقافة النوبية  — من اللغات والآداب والعادات والتقاليد والآثار والتاريخ

هذه المصادر تتمحور حول آراء ووجهات نظر نوبية ونرحب باقتراحاتكم وملاحظاتكم — اعداد افن كروبف

Nubia on Social Media

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#NubianHeritageMonth (July)

Nubian Voices 

Nubian Handwriting Club | نادي الكتابة النوبية

Nubi (app for learning Nubian) 

Nubian Language

سيد جاير – أغانى نوبية (DORE KOLOD – اللغة النوبية والفنون

The Sounds of Sudan

The Nubia Initiative

Nuba Tube / نوبة تيوب

Discover Nubia / اكتشف النوبة

Nubian Geographic

Union for Nubian Studies

Projects of the Union for Nubian Studies

Dotawo : A Journal of Nubian Studies (open access)

Medieval Nubia Wiki “is a site dedicated to the collaborative publication of scholarly resources for the study of medieval Nubia. It is a site that will grow as scholars from the international community use and contribute to it. Among others, it contains a Source Book on Medieval Nubia, a bibliography of publications regarding Medieval Nubia, and other scholarly information about the region.”

Suntuwekane hosted at Memory of the World “a repository of books pertaining to the field of Nubiology maintained by the Anarchist Nubiology Squad (A.NUBI.S).”

Nubian Image Archive “a public domain repository on Flickr for historical and contemporary images of Nubia”

Browse more projects from the Union for Nubian Studies

From The American University in Cairo (AUC)

Nubia scrapbook (Social Research Center of The American University in Cairo) 

Documenting Nubian Culture and Traditions : The Social Research Center in Old and New Nubia, 1961-1975 (American University in Cairo)

“Slideshow: Portraits of Nubian Life” The Cairo Review of Global Affairs (featuring photographs by Abdul-Fattah Eid)

Nubia (The Photographic Gallery, The American University in Cairo)

Theses and dissertations on Nubian culture and history from the American University in Cairo, accessible via their institutional repository (AUC Knowledge Fountain)

From SFDAS – Section française de la direction des antiquités du Soudan (including SFDAS Arabic Collection)

From Mission archéologique suisse à Kerma (Soudan)

Explore Nubian Languages and Literatures

Nubian Languages

Hatim-Arbaab Eujayl, “Resources for Learning Non-Arabic Sudanese Languages” (HAZINE, 5 April 2021)

Nubian Handwriting Club | نادي الكتابة النوبية

Nubi (app for learning Nubian) 

Komai Waidi كوما وايدي 

Nubian entrepreneur launches project to revive heritage” (Sulaiman Lkaderi, Middle East Eye 27 April 2020) “Meet Fatma Addar, a Nubian entrepreneur behind ‘Koma Waidi’, a project aiming to revive the Nubian language and reconnect new generations to their ancestral heritage”

حكايات زمان (كوما وايدى) بالنوبى فى موزاييك

Art of Nubia / فن النوبة

Tales / حكايات / حواديت

كوما وايدي Koma WalDl : قناة تراثية نوبية 

Recordings of tales from “حواديت زينب كوتود” (via Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage [CULTNAT] of the Cultural Outreach Sector of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina) 

حواديت زينب كوتود / جمع إبراهيم شعراوي ؛ إعداد عادل موسى ؛ رسوم سلمى كمال (2016)

الخرافة والاسطورة في بلاد النوبة / ابراهيم شعراوي (1984)

راضية : عن الحكايات النوبية / ابراهيم شعراوي (1967)

حكايات من النوبة / تأليف جمال محمد أحمد ؛ ترجمة وتقديم عبد الحميد يونس (1987)

حكايات الأناو النوبية / بقلم عثمان الأمير (2018)

Short Stories and Novels from Nubian Writers / روايات وقصص قصيرة

محمد خليل قاسم (Muḥammad Khalīl Qāsim)

حسن نور (Ḥasan Nūr)

يحيى مختار (Yaḥyá Mukhtār)

ابراهيم فهمي (Ibrāhīm Fahmī)

ادريس علي (Idrīs ʻAlī)

حجاج حسن ادول (Ḥajjāj Ḥasan Uddūl = Haggag Hassan Oddoul)

سمر نور (Samar Nūr)

Morning in Serra Mattu / Arif Gamal (a Nubian ode as told to E.G. Dubovsky who recorded it in verse, 2014)

Explore Nubian Cultures and Histories through Music, Photography, and Material Culture

Aswan Music Project مشروع اسوان للموسيقى “…The Aswan Music Project aims to promote the emergence and amplification of a “musical civil society” in Aswan: a socially extensive and extensible, culturally and economically vital and viable, locally sustainable social layer in the Governorate, rooted in Aswanese and Egyptian musical traditions, and creatively extended via exposure to diverse global musical currents.”

The Sounds of Sudan on YouTube

سيد جاير – أغانى نوبية (DORE KOLOD – اللغة النوبية والفنون)

Alsarah الساره (and on YouTube) / Alsarah and the Nubatones الساره والنوباتونز

Art of Nubia / فن النوبة

Denise M Doxey et al (2018). Arts of Ancient Nubia. Boston, MA: MFA Publications.

Robert Dvorak et al (2015). Sudanese Nubia. Portrait of a Vanishing Culture. Khartoum: Dal Group.

Marjorie Fisher et al (2012). Ancient Nubia: African Kingdoms on the Nile. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press.

Tomomi Fushiya et al (2021). Old Dongola: Continuity and Change from the Medieval Period to the 21st century =دنقلا العجوز: الاستمرارية والتغيرات من فترة العصور الوسطى إلى القرن الواحد والعشرين. Warsaw: Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw. available online

Herman Bell (2009). Paradise Lost = Paradeisos dappolin : Nubia before the 1964 Hijra. Khartoum: Dal Group.

Hassan Dafalla (1975). The Nubian Exodus. London: C Hurst.

Robert Fernea et al (1973). Nubians in Egypt: Peaceful People. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press.

(1962) بلاد النوبة / للدكتور عبد المنعم ابو بكر

Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae (UNESCO)

Graffiti as Devotion along the Nile : El Kurru, Sudan (exhibition, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michigan 23 Aug 2019 to 29 Mar 2020)

Ancient Nubia Now (exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston = MFA, 13 Oct 2019-20 Jan 2020)

Archaeological Survey of Sudanese Nubia (ASSN) 1963-1969 Project “concerned with the ongoing publication of the very extensive archives relating to the ASSN fieldwork carried out between 1963 and 1969”

Lost Nubia: A Centennial Exhibit of Photographs from the 1905-1907 Egyptian Expedition of the University of Chicago (available online)

See also a list of suggested scholarly readings

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