Identity – Narrating Nubia: The Social Lives of Heritage


The following is an abridged report written by one of the collaborators for Earth Odysseys: Nubia, and a sample of guided student responses.

Anwar’s Report:

Our identity is what distinguishes an individual from others, or that distinguishes a group of individuals with similar characteristics…The concept of identity may differ from one region to another. However, individuals and nations from different orientations, religions and cultural and social components seek to create a fingerprint, which distinguishes them from others and links them to a unique special place…In my own view, the features of Nubian identity are clearly represented in the customs and traditions that continued from ancient times in the region from central Sudan and extending to the far north of Sudan and southern Egypt.

Student Responses

First of all, I think I should just list all of my identities: M___, brother, son, friend, neighbor, American, African, Polish, Christian, student, etc. So, of course my main identity is being M____, it’s my name, it’s who I am. And things such as American, Polish, African, that’s where I from and my relatives. If you think about it, you can add more identities that you may have in the future like I think I will be an aviator. I guess everyone has at least 10 identities, because when you are born, you are a baby, a child, an infant, a son/daughter, a human, etc. Overall, this question was a bit challenging for me. [114]

I am mostly American, part Bengali, and part Maharashtran. This influences my upbringing, a lot, because my parents raise me the way their parents raised them (but with a lot more patience!). They teach me a lot about how to be polite (In India, kids have to be WAY more well-behaved than we are in America!). I consider myself American, though. [61]

I don’t think my features are my identity i think what I believe and my personality and religion make my identity. although there are some features that make my identity like I am Venezuelan and American, as my mom was born in America and I was born in Venezuela. Venezuela makes most of my identity as Venezuelan people are very religious which is why I am religious. … I’m American which is also my identity as I like America and I am proud that I made it to America. I also have identity as a gamer….

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