• Welcome Addison, Hanyu, and Ryan!

    We are excited to have fall rotation students Addison Bergman and Hanyu Zheng, and undergraduate student Ryan Schroeder join the lab!

  • Congratulations to Iliana!

    Congratulations to Iliana Levesque for winning a poster award at the Chemistry Department’s annual Karle Symposium!

  • Congratulations to Dr. Rojas Ramirez and Dr. Parson!

    Congrats to Carolina Rojas Ramirez and Kristine Parson for their successful defenses, and we wish them the best in all their future endeavors!

  • Congratulations to Dr. Han!

    Congrats to Yilin Han for a successful defense, and we wish her the best in all her future endeavors!

  • New Publication from the Ruotolo Lab Featured in UM News!

    Our latest research article is online at PNAS!  We used native IM-MS & CIU to study PMP22, a membrane protein involved in Charcot-Marie-Tooth and Dejerine-Sottas Disease. Collaboration with Ohi lab (@Mel_Ohi_lab) & the Sanders lab (@VICB_Vanderbilt)

    UMICH News Article: Click Here

  • New Publication from the Ruotolo lab!

    A multi-disciplinary approach was employed to study Spy, a small ATP-independent chaperone that simultaneously acts as a protein foldase and holdase molecule. This work demonstrates the Spy chaperones mechanism is substrate specific and dependent on relative affinity for a proteins intermediate folding states which highlights the central and dynamic role that substrates have throughout the chaperone process.

    Check out the publication here!

  • New Publication from the Ruotolo lab!

    Through an extensive characterization of travelling wave ion mobility (TWIM) calibrations protocols using over 2500 experimental TWIM datasets, and ranging across several molecular classes spanning over 3.5 orders of magnitude in molecular mass, a robust calibration method has been developed that offers high-precision ccs measurements for existing and future TWIM instrumentation.

    Check our the publication here!

    Check out the IMS calibration software here!

  • UM/Agilent Symposium on Emerging Mass Spectrometry Methods for Protein Characterization

    Join us for the 1st UM/Agilent Symposium on Emerging Mass Spectrometry Methods for Protein Characterization hosted virtually over two days by the Ruotolo Lab, Hakansson lab (KristinaHakans2), and Agilent on January 20th and 27th, 2021!

    To get your free link to the meeting use our symposium’s registration form (Click Here!)

  • New Publication from the Lab!

    Native MS was used to determine the formation of prenylated FMN (prFMN) adducts via ligand dissociation experiments, presenting the first detailed kinetic analysis of a member of the recently identified and rapidly expanding family of prFMN-dependent decarboxylases.

    Check it out here!

  • Congratulations to Kristine and Carolina!

    Congrats to Kristine Parson and Carolina Rojas Ramirez for winning poster presentation awards recently at the Chemistry Departments annual Karle Symposium! Great job to these ladies who participated in the Karle Symposium.


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