Group Members

(Left to Right) Front Row: Sugyan Dixit, Carolina Rojas-Ramirez, Sarah Fantin, Chunyi Zhao, Kristine Parson. Middle Row: Brandon Ruotolo, Cara D’Amico, Yuwei Tian, Daniel Vallejo. Back Row: Yilin Han, Daniel Polasky, Varun Gadkari.

Prof. Brandon Ruotolo | Principal Investigator

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Current Members


Varun Gadkari | Postdoctoral fellow

Aggregating proteins implicated in neurodegenerative disease

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Sarah Fantin | Graduate Student

Membrane Protein and Neuronal Protein Studies

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Chunyi Zhao | Graduate Student

Gas-phase Unfolding of Multi-protein Complexes and Bio-engineering with CIU

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Cara D’Amico | Graduate Student

Protein-protein/ligand interactions with IM-MS

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Daniel Vallejo | Graduate Student

Native biotherapeutic antibody characterization and stability assay development with IM-MS

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Kristine Parson | Graduate Student

Membrane proteins in mixed lipid nanodiscs

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Carolina Rojas Ramirez | Graduate Student

Top-down sequencing of protein complexes by FRIPS
Monitoring unfolding pathways by CIU-ECD methods

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Yilin Han | Graduate Student

Native structure mass spec on amyloid beta aggregation

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Brock Juliano  | Graduate Student

Top-down proteomics

Chae Kyung Jeon | Graduate Student

Computational modeling of protein complexes

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Iliana Hampton | Graduate Student

Membrane protein studies with IM-MS

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Rosendo Villafuerte-Vega | Graduate Student

Native characterization and computational modeling of biotherapeutic antibodies

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Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students