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(Left To Right) Back Row: Brandon Ruotolo, Daniel Vallejo, Daniel Polasky, Brock Juliano, Sugyan Dixit, and Varun Gadkari. Front Row: Kirstine Parson, Cara D’Amico, Sarah Fantin, Chunyi Zhao, Carolina Ramirez, and Yuwei Tian

9/8/16 Prof. Brandon Ruotolo environmental at University of Michigan chemistry building.

Prof. Brandon Ruotolo | Principle Investigator

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Current Members








Varun Gadkari | Post doctoral fellow

Aggregating proteins implicated in neurodegenerative disease

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Yuwei Tian | Graduate Student

Collision Induced Unfolding and Antibodies Characterization

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Daniel Polasky | Graduate Student

Top Down Structural Proteomics

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Sugyan Dixit | Graduate Student

Traveling Wave Fundamentals and Structural Ensembles

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Sarah Fantin | Graduate Student

Membrane Protein and Neuronal Protein Studies

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Chunyi Zhao | Graduate Student

Solution phase disruption and integrative modeling

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Cara D’Amico | Graduate Student





Protein-protein/ligand interactions with IM-MS


Daniel Vallejo | Graduate Student





Collision Induced Unfolding, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, and Antibodies Characterization

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Michael Keating | Undergraduate Student

Using charged tag reagents to alter dissociation pathways in top down structural proteomics

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Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students