Lab Philosophy

The following statement was crafted collaboratively by the PI and researchers of the Ruotolo lab in an effort to promote an inclusive, safe, and productive work space. What is described below is not aspirational, it represents both a philosophy and code of conduct for all Ruotolo lab members, students and PI alike.

Scientific Integrity and Advancement

Members of the Ruotolo lab strive to advance science ethically while maintaining high standards of scientific integrity. We do this through designing rigorous scientific studies, keeping up with and carefully evaluating literature, and presenting our results honestly through manuscripts and conferences. We also recognize the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in science and we work with labs across the globe to answer important chemical and biological questions. We feel that the support of historically underrepresented groups in science is vital to the advancement of our work and our collective integrity as a lab.


Supporting Diverse Scientists

Members of the Ruotolo lab value the contributions of diverse scientific teams. As such, we work to create an environment where historically underrepresented groups in science can feel valued and gain a sense of belonging. Through this, we hope to recruit and support scientists who identify as POC, women, LGBTQ+, neurodiverse, persons with disabilities, and immigrants with documented or undocumented status. However, we acknowledge that supporting these ideas in the lab alone is not enough. Throughout their time in the lab, members are encouraged to engage in outreach initiatives, professional development opportunities, and fellowships that act to support a variety of career paths, as well as broaden our collective understanding of viewpoints other than our own


Support Within the Group

The Ruotolo lab is a team that often includes graduate students, post-docs, undergrads, and visiting scholars. We vow to do our best to build each other up regardless of lab role. We do not look down on lab members or turn our work into a competition. We support each other throughout the many challenges encountered in life, both professional and personal. We maintain an environment in which questions are welcome and not belittled. To foster a supportive environment, language, or actions that are not respectful, especially those which go against our mission of supporting diverse scientists, will not be tolerated. 


Health and Safety

The Ruotolo lab believes safety is of paramount importance and we work to implement and follow strict guidelines for lab operation in coordination with departmental and national advising bodies. These guidelines ensure we maintain the health and safety of lab members. We also acknowledge that mental health is vital to the overall health of our members. We strive to support our colleagues through the stressors of academic life by listening, communicating, and pointing to key campus resources when appropriate.