Undergraduate Minor in Translation Studies!

The Minor in Translation Studies gives students an opportunity to learn about diverse histories, theories, and practices of translation, through a flexible sequence of courses selected from different departments, including at least one translation course in the Department of Comparative Literature.

The minor is intended for students who would like to build on LSA’s language requirement to explore translation between languages; it is also designed with flexibility for students who would like to explore the concept of translation more broadly as an interaction between cultures, media, discourses, and disciplines. The minor can therefore be integrated into diverse programs of study.

The goals of the minor are:

  1. to make translation more visible to students in their courses, their communities, and in the world at large;
  2. to promote critical and creative reflection on translation, and encourage students to pursue various translation activities;
  3. to introduce students to a wide range of academic, creative, and career opportunities related to translation.

While the Minor in Translation Studies is not intended to certify students as professional translators or interpreters, the minor may prepare students to pursue certification or other professional credentials in translation after graduation.

Check out the Department of Comparative Literature’s website to learn about the requirements.