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Relationship Experiences Over Time

The goal of this study is to understand how feelings (e.g., satisfaction, gratitude) in a romantic relationship change over time. We are interested to see how these fluctuations affect experiences & emotions in a relationship over the course of a month.

We are currently enrolling new participants for this study from those that have completed the prescreening survey. We are not currently inviting new participants to join the contact list for the study.

Common Issues/FAQ

If your study code is not working:

If searching for the study code in the app isn’t working, try adding one blank space to the end of the code (sometimes Android phones need the extra space). If that doesn’t work, please reach out via email to

If you have completed a survey, but the link and prompt to open it is still available in the WHIRLWell app:

This can sometimes happen when you have a slow internet connection that makes it hard for Qualtrics, the survey software, to communicate with the WHIRLwell app. If your internet connection is weak, wait until you have a stronger connection and refresh the WHIRLwell app. If the problem persists, this may be due to server issues we have been experiencing intermittently. Please follow the instructions below:

If the issue is the initial onboarding survey, the WHIRLwell app needs to know this survey was completed in order for the rest of your surveys to begin appearing. In this case, please unenroll and reenroll in the study.

You can unenroll by navigating to Settings > Withdraw from a Study > and selecting the ‘Relationship Experiences Study.’
Then, you can enroll again in the study using the same study ID that was provided to you in your onboarding email. When you complete the onboarding study this time, you will see a question after the consent form: “If you were forced to unenroll and reenroll in this study in the WHIRLwell app due to a technical issue after completing this initial onboarding survey (i.e., you already downloaded the app and completed this survey), please indicate that below.” When you see this page, please select “I am reenrolling in this study and have already completed this survey before”. This will allow you to enroll in the study again without having to redo the background questionnaire.

If this does not fix the issue, contact the study experimenters for troubleshooting help:

If the issue is with any other survey, besides the first onboarding survey, you do not need to retake the survey.

As long as you see the submission page when you fill out a survey (pictured below), then your submission is being recorded, even if the app isn’t updating to reflect that (in terms of marking the survey as completed and updating your survey numbers). Your final completion rates/payment will be based on the surveys you provide in the Qualtrics software, not the number that shows in the WHIRLwell app. 
In short, the issue here is just that the app is not displaying things correctly, not that your surveys are not being completed and recorded!

If surveys are showing up in the WHIRLwell app but you are not receiving notifications:

1) Check in your phone notification settings that notifications are turned on for the WHIRLwell app.
2) If this doesn’t fix the problem when it is time for the next survey, in the WHIRLwell app settings, select “Mute Notifications” and click confirm to turn notification off. You should see a confirmation pop up that they have been turned off. After receiving the confirmation, turn the notifications back on by hitting the same button and pressing confirm.
3) If resetting notifications in the WHIRLwell app doesn’t fix the issue or you get an error message when you try to mute the notifications, contact us for troubleshooting help:

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